Tutor Programme

The TUTOR program is designed to educate and train students to become Certified Diabetes Educators, a category of Health Care Workers much sought after by Health Professionals involved in Diabetes Care.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Nutritionist / Dietician
  • Nurse (preferably with 2 years of experience)
  • Biology Graduate

Course Outline

  • Six Modules
    • Internationally defined Standards of Diabetes Care
  • Clinic Workshops
    • Hands on real time experience with best Consultants in the field of Diabetes Care
  • Assessments
    • MCQ, Group Discussion and Written Exam
S. No. Lecture Lecturer
1 Lecture1: Diabetes overview, definition, types, public health importance Dr. Ritesh Gupta
2 Lecture 2: Pathophysiology, Long term complications Dr. Alka Jha
3 Lecture3: Management of diabetes: overview and goals of
treatment, monitoring, HbA1c, Complications screening
Dr. Ritesh Gupta
4 Lecture4: Dietary management Ms. Bhavya
5 Workshop 1  
6 Lecture5: Insulin: Types, physiology Dr. Amrita Ghosh
7 Lecture6: Insulin: Technique, sites, dose adjustment etc Dr. Ritesh Gupta
8 Lecture7: Hypoglycaemia Dr. Amrita Ghosh
9 Workshop 2  
10 Lecture8: Oral drugs Dr. Alka Jha
11 Lecture9: Management of coronary risk factors: smoking,
lifestyle, lipids
Dr. Alka Jha
12 Lecture10: Diabetes and Sick Days, Travel, etc Dr. Amrita Ghosh
13 Lecture8: Foot Care Dr. A P S Suri
14 Lecture12: Communication skills Ms. Bhavya
15 Lecture13: Psycho-social aspects, Special considerations in
children, pregnancy, elderly
Dr. Ritesh Gupta

Weekend Classes
Batches starting in August and September – Get registered quickly and avail early bird discount